Post-holiday cruising in SWFL

Bottom Cleaning your boat in Southwest Florida

Living aboard a boat vs. living on land, how is it different?

choosing right liveaboard boat

Choosing the right liveaboard boat

The costs of living aboard

Live aboard marinas in southwest Florida

Welcome Aboard!

Blue Turtle is a 1974 40' DeFever Trawler and our permanent home in southwest Florida. This blog is about our journey of living aboard, working full time and raising a boy—while still finding time to cruise. Get to know us—Kim, Randy, Corey and Sophie—and follow our adventure!

BOAT = Break Out Another Thousand

May 22, 2012 | 4 Comments

I’ve always heard this saying from boaters and live a boards and now I fully am living it. Even though our old boat surveyed well, we knew there were going to be some expensive projects in our future. One of the first things we did was schedule to have a holding tank installed. The aft head in the DeFever currently uses Electro Scan to dispose of waste. It treats it with chemicals and discharges it....

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photo of dog on trawler

Bringing the trawler home

May 20, 2012 | 1 Comment

Captain Randy at the helm After the sea trial and survey was finished, it was time to bring our trawler home. This was a much anticipated trip for both Randy and I and we were very excited to bring our new-to-us boat home to more familiar waters. Knowing we would need the experience of my father to help guide us through this 2 day trip home from Long Boat Key, we asked him to come...

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1974 DeFever survey

Sea trial & survey

May 18, 2012 | 0 Comments

Once Randy and I decided this DeFever was the boat for us, we made an offer. The negotiating process went well and once we had reached an agreement, it was time to schedule the sea trial and survey. We googled surveyors in the Sarasota/St. Pete area and found a couple promising sites. Randy called the first surveyor and after a 5-10 minute phone call, he decided this wasn’t the guy for us. I think it...

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Welcome aboard the Blue Turtle!

May 15, 2012 | 4 Comments

Hi ya’ll, welcome aboard. My name is Kim and I am embarking on a new adventure. My boyfriend, Randy, and I have decided to purchase a 40′ trawler and live aboard. Now, this wasn’t an overnight decision, however, both of us have always loved the water and loved boating. We’ve always wanted a good sized vessel so that we could cruise the Bahamas, the Keys and anywhere else we fancy. Problem was, we decided we...

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